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Glenn Smith 15 May

Person Centered Care, Long Term Care

The Importance of Person-Centered Care in Senior Care Facilities

Person-centered care looks at the whole senior--not just their weaknesses and their struggles, but their overall quality of life. By choosing a facility that focuses on this type of care, you don't just increase quality of life.[…]

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Glenn Smith 25 Apr

Essential Nutrients Needed for Rehabilitation

Good nutrition is essential for maintaining optimal health, but it's especially critical when recovering from an injury, surgery or a medical problem, such as a heart attack or a stroke that can significantly affect the body.[…]

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Glenn Smith 11 Apr

Person Centered Care, Long Term Care

Selecting a Long-Term Care Facility for Your Loved One

Selecting a long-term care facility is a highly personal decision for each family. You want a facility that is affordable enough to be reasonable on your current budget, and one that is close enough to loved ones to make it easy to drop in and visit. Choosing the right facility for your loved one, however, is a big step--and you want to be sure that you're carefully evaluating the available […]

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Glenn Smith 27 Mar

Person Centered Care, Long Term Care

The Basics of Long-Term Care

Many young, healthy individuals have never had to think about long-term care and what it will mean for them. Unfortunately, as your loved ones’ age, you may find that long-term care is the best option for the entire family. Understanding the basics of long-term care will make it easier to find a facility where your loved one will be able to thrive despite an aging body. […]

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Glenn Smith 08 Mar

Person Centered Care, Importance of Cardiac Care Rehabilitation, Short-Term Rehabilitation

5 Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

After a cardiac procedure or event, like a heart attack, it's time to focus on recovery and adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle to reduce your risk of another episode. Navigating these changes alone can be daunting or, for some, impossible, which is why many people choose a cardiac rehabilitation program. Like the American Heart Association says, "Cardiac rehab doesn't change your past, but […]

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Glenn Smith 14 Feb

Short-Term Rehabilitation

What You Need to Know about Short-Term Rehabilitation

After a hospital stay, many people find themselves well enough to be discharged, but not well enough to safely return home. Short-term rehabilitation is a service that fills that gap. It offers a range of benefits to patients in certain situations, so let's examine what short-term rehabilitation is, and what it can do for you.[…]

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Glenn Smith 08 Feb

Good Nutrition is Key for Rehabilitation

 If you or a loved one needs rehabilitation, consider these tips to ensuring good nutrition.[…]

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Glenn Smith 06 Feb

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

5 Best Exercises To Do After A Knee Replacement Surgery

Once you return home from a knee replacement, it is tempting to just relax and take it easy. It is important to exercise though after the surgery to help build strength and prevent complications. Exercising is a crucial component to the healing process after a knee replacement. The exercise will also improve motion in your knee to help get your activity level back to where it was before the […]

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