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Glenn Smith 31 Jul

Person Centered Care

Benefits of Good Posture and Tips to Maintain It

Check your posture.  Poor posture can lead to poor health. […]

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Glenn Smith 18 Jun

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Trends in Short-Term Recovery

Key trends in short-term recovery programs.[…]

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Glenn Smith 15 May

Person Centered Care, Long Term Care

The Importance of Person-Centered Care in Senior Care Facilities

Person-centered care looks at the whole senior--not just their weaknesses and their struggles, but their overall quality of life. By choosing a facility that focuses on this type of care, you don't just increase quality of life.[…]

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Glenn Smith 25 Apr

Essential Nutrients Needed for Rehabilitation

Good nutrition is essential for maintaining optimal health, but it's especially critical when recovering from an injury, surgery or a medical problem, such as a heart attack or a stroke that can significantly affect the body.[…]

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