6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

    Glenn Smith 12 Feb

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    6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

    A few tips to help boost your spirits and avoid the winter blues.

    Winter months bring shorter days and nights with a chill in the air.   Many do experience a shift in their mood and energy. Seasonal sadness, or "the winter blues", can range from mild to a very noticeable change and it's a common experience during months with less sunlight. You may get sluggish, lethargic, sad, or feel like you need more rest. There's not much you can do about the cold weather and lack of sunlight, but the good news is there are some very reliable ways to feel better. By taking a proactive approach to improving your mood, you can make a real difference to beat winter blues.

    Embrace the Season

    A great way to cope with winter sadness is to try to enjoy the embrace the season. Take a page from Scandinavian countries, who wisely approach their bleak winters by enjoying plenty of hygge, or coziness. Make the most of your time at home by getting cozy, enjoy a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and settle in with a great novel. Cultivating a mindset that appreciates the best aspects of winter can help you stay positive.


    Pursue a Hobby

    It's natural to spend much more time at home during the winter, which makes it the perfect time to take on a new project or pick an old one back up.  YouTube has an endless library of How-To videos for every kind of DIY home decor project. Along with being a fun way to pass the time, making your space more stylish or more functional can give you a great sense of accomplishment. You could also try cooking new recipes or learning a foreign language.  Any hobby you enjoy can help with avoiding a winter slump.

    Start an Indoor Garden 

    For a great winter project that is relaxing and fun, try indoor gardening.  Herbs and succulents are extremely easy to grow, even with very little sunlight. Along with being beautiful, they grow quickly, require little maintenance and contribute a very cheerful presence to your home. In the case of herbs, you'll also be able to add some fresh flavors to your winter cooking. 

    Maintain Your Vitamin D 

    Vitamin D is crucial for our emotional well-being and we can thank the sun for helping us make most of it. Often the decline in vitamin D contributes to the cause for feeling sad or less motivated when winter rolls around. It's very helpful to take a daily vitamin D supplement, which are widely available and very effective. You might also consider a light box. These artificial lights stimulate vitamin D production and are considered a good treatment for seasonal sadness.

    Stay Active

    Take advantage of sunshine whenever you can by bundling up and walking outside. Along with providing much-needed vitamin D, walking is a great form of exercise. Any form of staying active, whether indoors or outdoors, will do wonders for your mood, concentration, energy level, and overall quality-of-life. The endorphins released during exercise are the ultimate way to beat the winter blues.


    Volunteer in the Community

    When you're feeling down, helping someone else can give a significant emotional boost. Volunteering at a local shelter, food pantry or for any cause that's meaningful to you, is a great way to improve your spirits during the winter season.

    Incorporating these tips can help boost your spirits.  Take steps to stay healthy and positive this winter and before you know it, you'll soon be feeling like your old self.  

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