Church Homes' Activity Director Improves Lives

    Glenn Smith 31 Mar

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    Church Homes' Activity Director Improves Lives


    Generally, most facilities have an Activity Director that works closely with the nursing team and medical support staff. The Activity Director is in charge of developing and managing all social aspects of the long term and post-acute care residents.


    At Church Home, we’re devoted to giving our residents engaging experiences to provide them healthy and fulfilling days during their stay with us. Life enrichment and activities are the cornerstone of how we support and keep our residents active.


    As such, we have a dedicated Activity Director who creatively develops and coordinates a weekly program. We offer an array of daily activities unique to residents’ interests and physical abilities. Not only do we enjoy monthly celebration such as a birthday, but we also focus on keeping everyone socially, mentally, and physically engaged.



    How Does the Activity Director Serve the Residents? 

    Our Activity Director recognizes that not all residents are alike. Thereby, there is an emphasis on a diversity of activities.

    Activity programming is managed with careful coordination with our care team to design activities that align with residents’ unique needs to provide maximum benefits.

    Essentially, the director performs the following role. 

    • Gathers information from residents or their relatives about their interests to design the most appropriate activities.
    • Works with residents' care team to establish the most appropriate activities based on their health conditions.
    • Interacts with residents and adjusts the activities as their interest or capabilities change.
    • Establishes a schedule to offer a variety of activities. For example, game day, gardening, cookouts, art appreciation and more.  
    • Organizes residents' birthday parties and other important celebrations. 
    • Coordinates all social activities to promote inclusion.
    • Plan, implement and evaluate an ongoing activity program.


    The Activity Director assures residents are kept safe during activities. The Activity Director assists the direct care staff in keeping the residents involved socially, cognitively, and recreationally. 

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    Types of Activities

    At Church Home we offer an assortment of activities that engages our residents. These programing events provide both psychological and physical benefits. Some of the most popular activities include:

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    • Art and crafts
    • Bible study
    • Birthday parties
    • Board games and puzzles
    • Exercise classes, e.g., chairobics, mobility exercise
    • Music appreciation and engagement 
    • Traditional favorites like bingo, dominoes, checkers, and card games


    The social calendar is regularly filled with diverse set of activities and life enrichment programs. These evolve as new residents come with unique preferences and new interest are expressed. We strive to create programs to revolved around the wants and needs of the residents.


    The Activity Director assists the direct care staff in keeping the residents involved socially, cognitively, and recreationally. At Church Home we know the importance of this role for they are an integral part of our care team. Learn more about our caring services.



    Church Home provides compassionate care, our knowledgeable team of healthcare professionals will support you in making a decision so that your loved one receives the services that provide the best support possible.

    We deliver the highest quality nursing care possible for residents requiring long-term. Contact us to learn how we can support this transition to long term care.

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