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    Glenn Smith 26 Oct

    Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

    Why You Should Go Ahead with Hip Replacement Surgery

    If you're a senior, you surely remember when hip surgery was a dangerous proposition and involved a high likelihood of a long recovery. What you may not be aware of is just how much things have changed in this area of medicine. Now, the long incisions and high risks of infection are over, the amount of pain involved is significantly lower, and the recovery time is far faster. For these […]

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    Glenn Smith 18 Oct

    Stroke Rehabilitation

    What is Involved in Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation

    According to the Stroke Center, about 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year, making strokes the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States.  Approximately three-quarters of people who have strokes are over the age of 65, and about 600,000 of these are first attacks.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 16 Oct

    Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

    Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery - A How to Guide

    Orthopedic surgery, whether, back, knee, shoulder, hip, or other, is undoubtedly some of the most painful surgery you will ever experience. Recovery is often long and arduous. You need a full-time, dedicated care team in order to get through the first several weeks to months of post-operative recovery. A full-time care team is not always possible at home. Depending on your age, the extent of […]

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    Glenn Smith 04 Oct


    Recovering from a Cardiopulmonary Procedure

    Cardiopulmonary procedures can be as minor as non-surgical alcohol septal ablation or as serious as heart valve surgery or a heart transplant. Therefore, recovery and rehabilitation can vary from person to person depending on the type of procedure and the overall health of the individual. After a successful heart valve repair or replacement, for example, the patient will generally spend a […]

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