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    Glenn Smith 23 Jan

    Open Heart Surgery Recovery

    Guidelines for Resuming Regular Activities Following Heart Surgery

    Often, when people undergo heart surgical procedures, they're anxious to return to their usual routines and activities as soon as possible. However, it's crucial to carefully follow a doctor's instructions regarding aftercare. It's also extremely important to know when it's safe to get back to your everyday activities. Here are some basic guidelines for resuming your normal activities after […]

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    Glenn Smith 02 Jan

    Importance of Cardiac Care Rehabilitation

    The Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Life changes drastically after a heart attack or heart surgery. It's essential to evaluate your lifestyle to ensure you're caring for this important muscle and to do what you can to prevent a future cardiac event. It can seem overwhelming, but that's what cardiac rehabilitation is all about: you don't have to do it alone.[…]

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