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    Glenn Smith 14 Feb

    Short-Term Rehabilitation

    What You Need to Know about Short-Term Rehabilitation

    After a hospital stay, many people find themselves well enough to be discharged, but not well enough to safely return home. Short-term rehabilitation is a service that fills that gap. It offers a range of benefits to patients in certain situations, so let's examine what short-term rehabilitation is, and what it can do for you.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 08 Feb

    Good Nutrition is Key for Rehabilitation

     If you or a loved one needs rehabilitation, consider these tips to ensuring good nutrition.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 06 Feb

    Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

    5 Best Exercises To Do After A Knee Replacement Surgery

    Once you return home from a knee replacement, it is tempting to just relax and take it easy. It is important to exercise though after the surgery to help build strength and prevent complications. Exercising is a crucial component to the healing process after a knee replacement. The exercise will also improve motion in your knee to help get your activity level back to where it was before the […]

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