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    Glenn Smith 27 Mar

    Person Centered Care, Long Term Care

    The Basics of Long-Term Care

    Many young, healthy individuals have never had to think about long-term care and what it will mean for them. Unfortunately, as your loved ones’ age, you may find that long-term care is the best option for the entire family. Understanding the basics of long-term care will make it easier to find a facility where your loved one will be able to thrive despite an aging body. […]

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    Glenn Smith 08 Mar

    Person Centered Care, Importance of Cardiac Care Rehabilitation, Short-Term Rehabilitation

    5 Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

    After a cardiac procedure or event, like a heart attack, it's time to focus on recovery and adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle to reduce your risk of another episode. Navigating these changes alone can be daunting or, for some, impossible, which is why many people choose a cardiac rehabilitation program. Like the American Heart Association says, "Cardiac rehab doesn't change your past, but […]

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