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    Glenn Smith 11 Sep

    Stroke Rehabilitation, Person Centered Care

    Coping with Long-Term Changes After a Stroke

    Emotional and behavioral changes are a common effect of stroke.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 28 Aug

    Person Centered Care, Short-Term Rehabilitation

    Do I Need Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy (Or Both)?

      Physical and Occupational therapist work together and there are distinct differences.  Read more about these specific therapies to support your rehabilitation needs.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 14 Aug

    Knee Replacement Rehabilitation, Person Centered Care, Short-Term Rehabilitation

    Knee Replacement Surgery - How Physical Therapy Helps

    Physical therapy can greatly improve your recovery experience through the guidance and expertise of a caring professional.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 24 Jul

    Person Centered Care

    Feeling Dizzy? 5 Possible Causes and Treatments

    The causes of dizziness can range from an uncomfortable inconvenience to a life-threatening condition.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 03 Jul

    Person Centered Care

    A Few Good Reasons You Should Soak Up Some Sun

    Here are four great reasons to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 26 Jun

    Person Centered Care, elder care

    Tips on How to Support a Loved One at a Doctor’s Appointment

    How you can support a loved one before, during, and after a doctor's appointment.  Read more on how you can lend  support.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 12 Jun

    Person Centered Care

    Do You Have Limited Mobility? Stay Active and Build Strength!

    If you have a disability or limited mobility, it’s just as important to be as physically active as possible.  Here are some tips and benefits on how to stay active if you have limited mobility.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 28 May

    Person Centered Care, caregiver, elder care

    Safety Tips for Preventing Falls

    Here are safety tips for avoiding falls, both indoors and outdoors, along with a few other considerations and warnings. […]

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    Glenn Smith 14 May

    Person Centered Care

    Osteoporosis Prevention: Everything What You Need To Know

    May is osteoporosis awareness and prevention month.  What is osteoporosis?   Learn more about this common condition, and the steps you can take to prevent it.[…]

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    Glenn Smith 24 Apr

    Person Centered Care

    Causes of Lower Back Pain

    Lower back pain can be traced back to a number of different causes.  Learn more about the cause and steps you can take for pain relief.[…]

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