Benefits of Good Posture and Tips to Maintain It

    Glenn Smith 31 Jul

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    Benefits of Good Posture and Tips to Maintain It

    Check your posture.  Poor posture can lead to poor health. 

    Good posture is an important part of your long-term health. It is more than just standing up straight, but it is also about sitting properly and holding your body in the right position while you are moving or even still.

    You have to train your body to stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions where the least amount of strain is placed on supporting your body. Over time, bad habits lead to fatigue, pain and headaches to list a few.  There is a good reason you were reminded as a child to sit up straight – poor posture can lead to poor health.

    Signs of Bad Posture

    • Bent knees when standing or walking
    • Body aches and pains
    • Muscle fatigue
    • Head leans forwards or backwards
    • Slumped shoulders
    • Back Pain
    • Headaches

    Poor posture can negatively affect your health. It can wear away at your spine and cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. The way your joints move will be affected, it will be harder to breathe, your flexibility decreases, and your balance will be thrown off. 

    Check Your Posture

    The wall test is the oldest way to check your posture, and it is still a good method today. Stand with your back facing a solid wall and place your back against that wall. Your feet, hips, head, and shoulders should all be touching the wall if you have good posture. These parts should be touching without any effort. 

    You can also raise your arms out shoulder length and bend your elbows. Turn your arms up and attempt to touch the wall with the back of your wrists. Your posture may not be good if you have trouble doing this. Always be mindful of your posture and take the right steps to make small changes. Small changes will turn into permanent changes that allow you to enjoy the benefits of good posture.

    5 Key Benefits From Maintaining Good Posture

    1. Eliminates Back and Neck Pain.When you have poor posture, your body is constantly working to balance and support your body. Good posture makes it easier on your body preventing neck and back pain along with headaches.
    2. Improves Alignment. Your organs function more efficiently when your body is properly aligned as you stand and sit. The alignment will improve the functions of your organs such as improving digestion in your stomach.
    3. Improves Breathing.Your lungs have less room to open when you are slumped over. Good posture gives your lungs the room they need to expand.
    4. Improves Mood.People who sit and stand up straight are more likely to recall happy memories, which improves their mood. Poor posture results in negative thoughts and moods.
    5. Feel Confident.Standing up straight can boost morale and create confidence. Posture has a way of affecting the way we feel physically and emotionally. Good posture can make you feel powerful and confident in the decisions you make everyday.

    7 Tips to Maintain Good Posture

    • Keep Your feet on the floor while sitting. If you cannot reach the floor, place a foot rest under them. 
    • Avoid sitting in the same position for a long period of time. Take brief walks around your office or home when you are able to.
    • Avoid sleeping on your stomach, and make sure your mattress and pillows are soft and comfortable. Sleeping on your side can be more helpful for any back pain you are experiencing.
    • While standing, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and arms hanging naturally by your side.
    • Don't cross your legs while sitting. Your ankles should always be in front of your knees.
    • Always stand straight and tall with your shoulders slightly pulled backwards.
    • Relax your shoulders when sitting. They should not be rounded, slumped, or pulled backwards.

    Good posture should be taken serious to support long-term health. As you improve your posture, you will start to feel better physically and mentally. 

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