Benefits to Having a Support System After Surgery

    Glenn Smith 15 Jul

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    Benefits to Having a Support System After Surgery

    A great benefit to having a support system pre and post surgery will help ease stress and promote recovery.

    If you or your loved one is recovering from surgery, you may need someone to rely on. Involve those you love and trust on your road to recovery. Every surgery includes some recovery time, and the duration will vary.

    It's important to seek out help from family, friends and neighbors that can provide support during this time. Studies have found that having a strong support system after surgery reduces the rate of readmission, promotes faster healing, and leads to overall better outcomes.  Other considerations as you recover is your overall physical safety and your emotional wellness.


    ConsultWhat to consider before surgery?

    The following are few things to think about, that may sound obvious, but can help you plan for prior to surgery.



    • Consider the location of the bedroom. If upstairs, consider sleeping downstairs during recovery. Bring any bedding downstairs before the surgery, along with personal hygiene items and medications.
    • Stock the pantry before the procedure, especially if there are special food recommendations from the doctor.
    • Understand what to expect after surgery. Your doctor will provide both pre and post-operative guidelines and specific activity instructions you should follow.


    Postoperative Support

    Ongoing post-surgical support helps promote the greatest level of success for recovery. It’s encouraged to create a support system to help you stay on track and manage day-to-day activities.

    Understanding and following your doctor's guidelines is a serious matter and having someone with you to understand the care needed to manage your post-op care is vital.

    While your recovery information is typically provided in written form, having a friend or family member present provides a second set of ears listening to the doctor's instructions.  How your support person can help:


    • During discharge they can ask questions to understand post-operative side effects and recovery timelines.
    • Understand dietary needs, if any.  Physical Therapy
    • Medication management.
    • Recovery plan such as physical or occupational therapy.
    • Schedule follow-up appointments.


    Emotional/Social Support

    Recovery may take anywhere from a week to a few months.

    Beyond the physical impact, surgery and recovery can take a toll on your mental and emotional wellness. Whether recovering at home or in a healthcare facility, it is not uncommon to develop postoperative anxiety and depression. 

    If you have a history of mental illness, your experience with heighten mental and emotional effects may occur.  Communicating with your medical practitioner before and after surgery on how to manage your emotional support needs will be a great contribution toward your recovery.

    SupportWith time on your hands engage in an activity you can do at home. Staying engaged with an activity and supportive family and friends will help curve the feeling of being overwhelmed. You’ll gain a sense of perspective and understand recovery takes time.

    Supportive family and friends can brighten your spirits, be your best cheerleader, and provide entertainment. 


    Your Support System Is Ready to Help!

    While it may be humbling to reach out to family and friends for support during recovery, the new bonds you’ll gain will truly outweigh the initial ask for assistance.

    Recovery after surgery will take time and effort, but it’s worth it. You best option for a safe and healthy recovery will be with the help of your support system. Also consider local agencies and organizations to support your caregiving and recovery needs.

    Your surgery is over now, it’s time to heal. Be patient with yourself.

    At Church Home LifeSpring, we understand how difficult recovering from surgery can be. We’re committed and driven to exceed normal caregiving as an experienced provider of rehabilitation services to the Middle Georgia community. Contact us if we can assist you or a loved one.


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