Our Commitment to Cleaning & Disinfecting

    Glenn Smith 18 Feb

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    Our Commitment to Cleaning & Disinfecting

    At Church Home we are all united by our core values to deliver caring, supportive and exemplary care with never ending compassion.

    Church Home is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and care. We maintain and stay up to date with guidelines as defined by the State of Georgia, Department of Public Health for Long-Term Care facilities and the CDC. Changes and enhancement in policies and procedures are adhered to as we are committed to the lives and care of our residents and staff.

    COVID-19 has brought changes and we have adapted and enforced new measures to protect everyone within our Church Home community.

    Below we’ve outlined preventive measures to infection prevention and control guidance for our facility.

    Comprehensive Cleaning and Disinfecting

    Church Home maintains cleaning and disinfecting as a priority. With the emergence and impact of COVID-19, we have enhanced our protocol for cleaning and disinfecting processes.

    All Church Home common and private spaces and rooms are sanitized bi-weekly using Ecovasive’s all natural disinfectant aerosol spray as an extra layer of protection from virus like coronaviruses and influenza.

    High touch surfaces are disinfected routinely during each shift. Examples of high touch surface cleaning include:

    • Door handles Cleaning and Disenfecting-1
    • Doors
    • Bedside tables
    • Bed rails
    • TV remotes
    • Call button
    • Light switches
    • Chairs

    In addition, equipment is frequently and thoroughly sanitized after each use.

    Product and Use Standards

    Products used for cleaning and disinfecting adhere to EPA verified standards. These standards are verified to be effective against coronaviruses and influenza. and mild to moderate virus such as influenza and the common cold.  Cleaning and Disenfecting -2

    Here are six steps we abide by:

    1. Verify cleaning products are EPA approved.
    2. Verify safe use of products by surface type.
    3. Pre-clean surfaces.
    4. Adhere to the duration a product should remain on the surface to ensure effectiveness.
    5. Where gloves and wash hands after use.
    6. Store products away safely.


    Proper Ventilation

    The CDC confirmed coronaviruses and influenza is spread through droplets that can travel through the air, therefore the use of proper ventilation is key in preventing in area that are private spaces and shared spaces.

    Our facilities utilize proper HVAC components that align with EPA and CDC guidelines, and we open doors and windows when possible to decrease the concentration of potential droplets or other contaminants and allergens that can affect the health of our residents and staff. 

    In addition, we strive to adhere to social distancing and guidelines to maintain safety standards.

    Use of PPE

    The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the best tools we have to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.

    Our staff are equipped and properly wear face shields and or masks at all times. Our team are committed to the 3 w’s:

    PPE Office Staffi

    1. Wear a mask over your nose and mouth.  
    2. Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.
    3. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.



    Our Commitment

    Keeping our residents safe and healthy is our commitment. It’s important that our frontline care provider have all the guidance and equipment at their disposal to maintain a healthy environment.

    We at Church Home LifeSpring will continue to keep our community safe and proud to maintain a 5-Star rating by the CMS. This overall rating is based on a nursing home's performance on 3 sources: health inspections, staffing, and quality of resident care measures. We’ll continue to follow guidelines and comply with infection control and prevention standards.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Church Home LifeSpring Short-Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term Nursing Care we invite you to contact us.

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