Physical Therapy as an Alternative Remedy for Lower Back Pain

    Glenn Smith 25 Aug

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    Physical Therapy as an Alternative Remedy for Lower Back Pain

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    Many people suffer silently from lower back pain. According to the World Health Organization, 149 million days of work are lost due to lower back pain. The effects of lower back pain not only affect one’s ability to work productively it often impacts how one performs daily task.

    Lower Back Pain (LBP) can impact you at various stages in life.   Physical therapy approaches in the treatment of lower back pain show how combining active therapy and passive therapy can alleviate pain, improve functionality, and prevent the condition from worsening or reoccurring.

    Physical therapy has emerged as one of the most promising treatment plans. Here are a few benefits to consider if you suffer from lower back pain. Back Stretch-1

    What is Physical Therapy?

    Physical therapy is a non-invasive discipline provided by a physical therapist to deal with a chronic condition or prevent a possibility of future injury. Passive and active physical therapy form the core of every physical treatment program currently available.

    How Physical Therapy Can Eliminate Lower Back Pain

    Your doctor can recommend physical therapy for lower back pain in situations where the pain has lasted for over six weeks or recurs frequently. However, for severe cases, your doctor might recommend this therapy sooner. We review each type of physical therapy below:

    1. Passive Physical Therapy 

    Passive physical therapy refers to the type of therapeutic activities that the patient does not actively take part in-; they rely on doctors. These modalities include TENS units, ultrasound, massages, iontophoresis, and ice/heat packs.

    2. Active Physical Therapy

    Engaging in active physical therapy activities helps to rehabilitate the spine and complement the passive physical therapy activities. In most cases, the patient is advised to stick to a strict exercise program that aims to stretch and strengthen the back while lowering the impact of aerobic conditioning.

    Benefits of Physical Therapy Excercise with Ball

    When used as a possible cure for lower back pain, physical therapy comes with benefits such as:

    • Reduce/Eliminate Pain

    Joint and soft tissue mobilization or treatments such as taping, and ultrasound can help reduce or eliminate lower back pain. Physical therapy can also prevent chronic lower back pains from reoccurring.

    • Alternative for Surgery

    Even though physical therapy can present different challenges and pain, it is nothing compared to the risk and time taken to heal from surgical wounds and potential complications. Even in the event where surgery is inevitable, physical therapy can help you to regain strength quickly.

    • Improves Mobility Arm Stretch

    Lower back pain can result in trouble standing, walking, or moving. Regardless of your age, physical therapy can help on this front- exercises aimed at stretching and strengthening your lower back can help restore your mobility.

    • Reduce the Risk of Falls

    Physical therapy will make you more aware of how your body moves. This will improve your balance and coordination.

    • Physical Therapy Has Some Positive Side Effects

    After your doctor has advised you to take up some physical therapy exercises, you will be very cautious during the early stages. The awareness when you walk prevents you from stumbling and falling. You also improve how you pick up objects and learn to maintain proper strength and coordination exercises. All these activities help to eliminate lower back pain.

    • Recover or Prevent Sports Injury

    Some of the lower back pain problems that people suffer are caused by contact from sports. With a good recovery or prevention exercise program, you can prevent lower back pain and continue playing effectively. On the other hand, physical therapy can help you recover from a lower back injury, allowing you to return to the field quickly.

    How Church Home Can Help

    At Church Home LifeSpring, we focus on providing professional and attentive rehabilitation care. Patients are evaluated and medical history is reviewed prior to putting a recovery plan in place.

    We invite you to contact us for both short-term and long-term rehabilitation care. Read more of Church Home LifeSpring blog articles on wellness and person-centered care.

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