Recovering from a Cardiopulmonary Procedure

    Glenn Smith 04 Oct


    Recovering from a Cardiopulmonary Procedure

    Cardiopulmonary procedures can be as minor as non-surgical alcohol septal ablation or as serious as heart valve surgery or a heart transplant. Therefore, recovery and rehabilitation can vary from person to person depending on the type of procedure and the overall health of the individual.

    After a successful heart valve repair or replacement, for example, the patient will generally spend a day in the ICU and several days in the hospital during which time he is carefully monitored for infection or other complications. After he goes home, he will need to carefully follow his doctor's instructions regarding physical activity and breathing exercises and continue "...watching for signs of infection..., properly caring for incisions, taking medications, and managing pain and other side effects...."

    Some people are able to do this on their own; others have a spouse or other family members who can make sure the recovery process is going well. However, if the patient is unable to keep track of those medications or care for the incisions, or is perhaps unwilling to admit to having difficulties as they arise, it's a good idea to seek professional assistance if a family member does not have the time to become a caretaker. This is where Church Home LifeSpring can offer exceptional short-term rehabilitation services for someone recovering from a cardiopulmonary procedure:

    Patience and Practical Assistance

    The first goal post-surgery is to relearn the basic skills required for everyday living. Our therapists help our short-term rehabilitation residents regain the strength they need to cook, clean, get dressed, live at home, and do other activities they enjoy.

    Proper Diet and Exercise

    Good nutrition is key to recovery and overall health. A recent surgical patient may not have the strength, coordination, or energy to cook balanced, nutritious meals at home, and that can delay recovery or contribute to other issues or complications. Our residents (and their families) can rest assured they will eat well without having to worry about preparation or clean-up!

    Our experienced physical therapists can design an appropriate exercise regimen for the resident based on her need and ability, and ensure that the scheduled program is completed. They are there to monitor her form and movement, and to teach the proper way to do each exercise, which will be important after she returns home, as well.

    Wound Care

    An incision site can be difficult to see or access on your own body, and an untrained eye can't always tell when something's wrong. A professional can spot the first signs of infection, which allows you to receive treatment immediately and prevent more serious complications.

    Furthermore, knowing you have someone to properly care for your wounds offers peace of mind and decreases anxiety during the recovery process.

    Emotional Support

    Recovering from a major procedure can be frustrating and emotionally draining if the patient is not able to do certain activities. If he recovers at home, it can also be lonely.

    At Church Home LifeSpring, our skilled staff members are there to offer support and recognize the signs of deeper emotional or mental struggles. Each resident enjoys the company of other residents, not only for social reasons but also for the comfort of knowing there are others experiencing a similar recovery process.

    Complete Comfort

    Our state-of-the-art facility offers everything a resident needs for rehabilitation in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Private rooms and baths offer privacy and independence while assistance is never far away.

    Naturally, whether you're the patient or the caretaker, you want rehabilitation to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Sometimes, that requires assistance, and we are glad to offer that support as you recover from a cardiopulmonary procedure. Whether that means a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months, we welcome you as our guest and look forward to helping you maximize your recovery outcome in the shortest time frame possible. Please contact us to learn more.

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