Visit Church Home LifeSpring, Your Recovery and Rehabilitation Partner

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    Visit Church Home LifeSpring, Your Recovery and Rehabilitation Partner

    Church Home LifeSpring is pleased to be a leader as a short-term and long-term care provider located within Macon-Warner Robins, Georgia region. 

    At Church Home LifeSpring, we understand that when a physician refers a patient to us for skilled long-term and short-term rehabilitation or long-term nursing care it involves a tremendous amount of trust. As a true partner to hospitals, healthcare centers, and families in Middle Georgia, we honor that trust by providing an unmatchable level of service and care that empowers the patient to live life to the fullest.  Church Home is recognized by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services with Five Stars Overall rating, LifeSpring is a safe and vibrant community where patients thrive.  


    The Best Care is Compassionate

    For over 80 years, Church Home LifeSpring has been at the forefront of long and short-term rehabilitative, hospice, and respite care. Skilled nursing care is not just for individuals going through the process of aging. Residents and patients of all ages come to us for a variety of reasons. In a skilled nursing care facility like ours, doctors and hospitals refer patients for (1) specialized nursing care, (2) transitional nursing care, or (3) rehabilitation. 


    Hospitals and medical practitioners refer patients to our facilities when they:

    • Need additional care, modalities, and treatments in an acute setting
    • Require daily physician rounding
    • Require specialized care that can't be maintained in a short-term acute setting or support long-term care needs


    What We Do

    Since 1939, the Church Home mission has been to provide the highest quality skilled nursing services in the area. Dedicated to maintaining and improving quality outcomes, our customized short and long-term care combines state-of-the-art technologies and a comfortable homelike atmosphere. Boasting award-winning staff, facilities, and care, our team of professionals meets the needs of our community with programs that address the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of our patients.

    Long-Term Rehabilitation Care 

    The goal of both short-term rehabilitation and long-term rehabilitation for patients is to get them back to an active, independent, and healthy lifestyle. At Church Home, we stress the importance of the individual. We understand that each one of our residents has his or her own life story with unique needs and desires, so we deliver comprehensive, individualized care. 


    Residents benefit from:  

    • Health monitoring and medication management
    • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy
    • Nutrition monitoring and management
    • Activities/Social programming
    • New Private Rooms with Private Baths


    Short-Term Rehabilitation Services 

    Following a hospital stay for surgery, injury, or illness, our primary goal is to get patients back on their feet and able to return home, feeling strong and in charge of their continued recovery. Offering State-of-the-art Rehabilitation Facilities and highly skilled therapists, Church Home is a safe and vibrant environment where patients thrive.  

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    Typical Recovery Services We Provide Include:   

    • Cardio-Pulmonary Procedure Recovery
    • Orthopedic Surgery Recovery
    • Post-Stroke / Neurological Recovery
    • Dysphagia Therapy
    • Wound Care


    Partnering with Church Home LifeSpring

    We realize that there are many elements in the delivery of healthcare that must all work collaboratively to be successful. Stressing accountability and transparency, our post-acute care services are designed to be an extension of the hospital environment that respects and honors both the patient and their healthcare team. 

    We offer:     D Collins v2

    • Easy admissions
    • Smooth transition between care settings
    • Continuity of care
    • Support to referring and primary physicians
    • Programs to reduce re-admissions into the hospital environment


    Church Home is ready to support recovery from surgery or medical event. Our team of medical professionals and support staff are trained and knowledgeable about the challenges patients may face.  We are here to provide care for your short-term and long-term care needs.

    Contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to answer questions about Church Home LifeSpring rehabilitation services.

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